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BHAKTI SONDRA SHAYE is an accomplished healer, spiritual teacher and counselor who has been blessed with a very successful alternative healing practice for over 18 years. A former corporate attorney who earned honors, served on Law Review and Moot Court Honor Society, and was included in "Who's Who Among American Law Students" while in law school, Sondra's ability to help others move forward and lead a happier, more productive and fulfilled life are skills she is happy to share.

Sondra is committed to helping people use love, compassion, and cooperation to transform not only themselves but also the world. She is honored to live her life in service.

Sondra has been featured in numerous national publications, including the New York Times, New York Magazine (twice), The Daily News, New York Post, New York Press, Hyperion Books, Norton Books, CR Fashion Book, and others. Her healing practice has been discussed on National Public Radio, and she considers it a great honor to have been invited to speak at United Nations headquarters in NYC through its Enlightenment Society. Life Changing Healing Center was awarded the Best of Brooklyn Award, Alternative Clinics category, by the U.S. Commerce Association, in recognition of outstanding service to clients and the community, every year since 2011. Sondra is founder and director of Life Changing Healing Center in New York City.

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159 20th Street, Suite 1C, Brooklyn, NY, USA
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Session: 02 Hour
More Truth Will Set You Free are workshops that help you empower yourself, heal deep hurts, and awaken to a higher part of yourself. Through powerful healing energy, guided meditations, inspiring music, and spiritual support and teachings, healing is achieved. During these classes you are shown how to access your untapped potential, change things for the better, and see yourself in a greater light. You learn how old programs and beliefs keep you trapped and how to change these beliefs and programs with effective healing techniques. These workshops touch the very core of your being and bring soul-utions to your fears. You won't be surprised by what you learn in these workshops, you will be transformed. Please enjoy your first class as our gift to you, at no charge. "Absolutely life changing. So grateful." "The work that we're doing in your classes is just so incredibly powerful. Thank you so much. I love you so much."
Session: 01 Hour
Our Crystal Healing Bed comes from Brazil and all our crystals have been divinely blessed. This combination of Color Therapy, Light Therapy, and Crystal Healing Therapy is GREATLY ENHANCED by the Divine Energies who work through the crystals. The multi-colored lights shining through the crystals of the Crystal Healing Bed are a tool, or portal, through which the Divine Energies channel their healing energy to you. Through Crystal Healing Bed sessions, these healing energies may more easily make their presence felt in your life. At the start of your Crystal Healing Bed session, the crystals and lights open, align and prepare your system so that the Divine Energies can then come and provide healing adjustments to your energy field and physical body. It is the combination of all these elements together that makes Crystal Healing Bed sessions so special.
Session: 01 Hour
The Emotional Cord Cutting is extremely beneficial. It frees you from old connections, old energies and situations from the past that may be holding you back or weighing you down, making it much easier to let go of the past, move forward and feel much more joy. A Cord Cutting also helps you to feel much lighter and have much more energy, as your energy is no longer being drained through these cords to others. The Emotional Cord Cutting is an extremely freeing and empowering experience. "I am not a person that normally 'feels' energy healing, but this cord cutting was a profound emotional cleansing and evident shift for me. Throughout the entire day and into the night I continued to experience many deep-rooted emotional releases that were extraordinary. I confronted Sondra the next day after my cord cutting experience and informed her about my dramatic results. I also mentioned that people really need to know the significant 'release' benefits of this energetic healing modality."
Session: 01 Hour
This service is extremely effective and profoundly benefits your project of any kind. To give you an idea of how our Project Blessing and Clearing works, first we remove all negative, outside and uncomfortable energies from your project. We then direct a great deal of positive, sacred energy into the your project on all levels. Your project is blessed and sanctified, and a protection is placed around it. As a result, the vibration and "feel" of your project is significantly raised and improved, and a much healthier environment is immediately created. Your entire project becomes a sacred, healthier, happier, higher vibration environment. Your project feels wonderful, inviting and calm, and all negativities are gone. This brings greatly increased levels of success with the project. A Blessing and Clearing is a powerful boost to the success of your project.
Session: 01 Hrs 30 min
Would you like to feel better than you’ve ever felt before? Feel more happiness and joy, bring forward your innate potential. The Rising Star Healing System helps you do all this, and more. Heal physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, release trauma or illness, and quite simply transform your life. Unresolved issues, old or blocked energy and physical symptoms heal and release, leaving you feeling empowered, lighter, more joyful and energized. The Rising Star brings forward more potential with each session, as it activates DNA. The Rising Star brings your body, mind and spirit back into balance, helping you to become the person you were born to be! "I want to tell you, I am an energy healer/practitioner/teacher consciously practicing for more than 10 years. The Rising Star Healing System is the most powerful energy healing experience of my life to date."
Session: 01 Hrs 30 min
Biontology healing sessions are literally changing people's lives, by enabling your physical body to heal and balance itself on every level. Biontology healing involves a small computer, or instrument. This instrument enables us to determine everything that is out of balance in your entire physical body, and then it helps us to figure out what “remedies” you need in order to rebalance and heal all of your physical organ systems. These “remedies” are just different vibrations of light, and when that light is sent through your physical body, it turns chaotic light into ordered light, and brings tremendous and often amazing results. During this process, we are able to remove many toxins from your body, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, dioxin from plastic, platinum from car exhaust, formaldehyde from paint and hair/nail salons, food poisonings, chlorine, insecticides, BPA, EB virus, side effects of vaccines (you still have the protection from the vaccines, but we can remove the negative side effects), and much more. So in addition to balancing and healing each organ system, Biontology healing clears and strengthens the body so that it can heal itself. Biontology healing results in perfect health and balance on all levels. It's absolutely extraordinary. "Sondra, I'm obsessed with your Biontology instrument. It has changed my life. I went from traumatic neck pain to no pain at all in one session. You're a thorough practitioner and that is key. You're guided to investigate each symptom to find the underlying cause and work with it making me feel great. There is no price for what you do."
Session: 01 Hrs 30 min
Prema Birthing is an extraordinarily powerful healing system. Prema Birthing enables you to open to a new "better" version of yourself. Every time you go through this healing technique, you cancel programs that were running at the time you were born. These programs may still be running your life in limiting ways. With every Prema Birthing healing session, it is as if your inner computer is "rebooted", with all unnecessary files deleted. It is an amazing and life-changing experience. Prema Birthing is a very freeing, loving and joyful experience. Prema Birthing helps you release the old and reconnect with the new. It is a birth into a new consciousness. Let us support you through this evolving journey. Together we can accomplish so much more than any one of us can achieve alone. "The Prema Birthing session you did for me was amazing. It went so deep, and profoundly effected my relationships with my mother, father and brother in a very positive way. It even helped me to release anger toward my son. I believe the Prema Birthing session allowed all the other healing work you've done for me to go much deeper. I'm so happy to be working with you on this level."
Session: 02 Hour
This service is extremely effective and profoundly benefits your career/business, project or trip. To give you an idea of how these Blessings work, first we remove all negative energies from your entire career/business, project or trip on all levels. We then direct a great deal of positive, blessed energy into your business/career, project or trip on all levels and areas. We ask for tremendous success to come to your career/business. project or trip. Your career/business, project or trip is blessed and sanctified, and a protection is placed around it. As a result, the vibration of your career/business, project or trip is significantly raised and improved, all blocks, limitations or obstacles to your success are removed, and your career/business, project or trip flows much more freely, enabling you to enjoy much greater success. It really brings significant and profound shifts. "Hi Sondra! First of all, I have been meaning to write to you to tell you how amazing our trip was! Every aspect about it was incredible - I was even calm and happy as I was packing the day before we left (I am usually a wreck)! My husband kept commenting how "magical" the trip felt, and I absolutely agree! Besides the fact that everything flowed smoothly and easily, we really bonded as a family and created some wonderful memories! I am definitely starting to sense your magical energy - this felt very similar to the event that you blessed for my family last fall! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" "I have good news! An excellent small press is going to publish my manuscript [book] in February, 2015! Thank you again for clearing the energy for that project! I'm very pleased." "Our vacation went amazingly well! I was a bit apprehensive about it as you might have sensed before all your blessings and because of all the traveling. We were also in remote areas but it turned out to be the BEST vacation we have had for a while. The scenery was absolutely amazing, we loved being in nature for more than a week. We were able to disconnect. All flights were smooth and even today with a bit of bad weather from the safari lodge to Johannesburg, the plane moved quite a bit and yet I hardly panicked. The animal viewings were amazing, we saw animals in that short space of time that many of the rangers hadn't seen for a while and people were saying how lucky we were. All of that with great help from your blessings and clearing! Thank you! It's been simply wonderful working with you."
Session: 02 Hour
Our Space Clearing and Blessing service is extremely effective and profoundly benefits your home or workplace. To give you an idea of how the space clearing and blessing works, first we remove all negative, outside and uncomfortable energies from your home or office. We also guide all souls to the other side who have died, but are still "hanging around". We then direct a great deal of positive, sacred energy into your home or workplace on all levels. Your space is blessed and sanctified, and a protection is placed around it. As a result, the vibration and "feel" of your home or office is significantly raised and improved, and a much healthier environment is immediately created. Your entire space becomes a sacred, healthier, happier, higher vibration environment. "Thank you so much! I just wanted to let you know what a change I have noticed after your space clearing. The apartment just feels easier. I am still tickled every time I open the closet door in my bedroom (which refused to open before you worked your 'magic')! Two things I noticed that I was not expecting: 1) It is so much easier to clean the apartment now. It used to feel like absolute drudgery, almost like moving through mud. There is such a difference now, which is amazing. 2) My relationships with other people in the building (neighbors and staff) have definitely shifted. There is so much more positive energy, and differences and tensions that existed for years seemed to have almost vanished. Was definitely not expecting that! Thank you so much for everything, Sondra!" "Well, the house that couldn't be sold is now under contract! The buyers are a couple with 7 kids. The house has been waiting for a family with kids for a long time. I am simply speechless (or as speechless as I can get) that you could accomplish a result this quickly. It was on and off the market for 7 years, I had three other house healers work on it; and it sold two weeks after you were here. OMG! Thank you thank you thank you. Please put me down as a reference, you are a miracle maker!"
Session: 04 Hrs 30 min
We offer a very powerful spiritual initiation, the Karnak Initiations into Great White or Gold Brotherhood. These are very sacred initiations that enhance all other aspects of your life. These are extraordinary, beautiful and sacred initiations that change and benefit you in very deep and profound ways. The Karnak initiations bring out your potential and spiritual gifts much more, help you to be in greater service, put you in more direct communication with your spirit guides, raise your vibration, help you hold more light in your being, and truly enhance all aspects of your life. They are like acceleration steps on your path in your highest good, especially your spiritual or creative path. These are such powerful initiations and really change people's lives. The spiritual teachings of the class are based on love and healing. Many Spiritual Masters who have been in physical form have received this initiation in order to awaken their spiritual abilities. Masters such as Master Jesus, Mother Mary, King David, King Solomon, and others have received this initiation (this is not a religious initiation). Even people such as Einstein, Jung, and Mother Teresa. These initiations truly move you forward on your spiritual path. I can't imagine being without them. It is this initiation that originally opened me to become a healer and spiritual teacher. I highly recommend this initiation for anyone who wants to move forward on their spiritual path, or take a huge acceleration step in their highest good. I can actually tell the difference between those who have received these initiations and those who haven’t. People who have received the Karnak initiations have a gentleness about their energy that is truly beautiful. "I want to thank you deeply for that incredible life-changing workshop and initiation. I wept all the way home. Yes, it opened my heart. I'm sending you large heaps of love and so much appreciation for all you do. You are a wonder and a real teacher. Bless you for coming into my life." "Today was incredible! The initiation, the energy in the space all day, the BEAUTIFUL healing you facilitated for me - and I mean beautiful!!! It was simply incredible! While we are NOT the doers, there is a talent and a gift to being able to facilitate and the way you do so is subtly stunning and moving." "Hey there Sondra, wow, what a profound experience that Initiation was! I can't thank you enough. It was by far the most profound spiritual experience I've ever had. It was all wonderful. Thanks for helping me and for being such a great teacher. You rock!!"

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