Revitalize Love In Your LIfe

Love Exists Within You 

Release Everything That Limits Access to Being Loved

Love is the most intoxicating and amazing feeling we get to experience in our lives. When we find love, we often take it for granted. It fades, changes or is sometimes completely lost. We continually chase it, block it, hide from it or resist it. Yet, there’s much marketing hype over ‘know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, accept yourself’ and yet the GENUINE ‘how to’s’ are left obscure.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone complain about their relationship, the LOVE they’re not getting or the total void of LOVE in their life. We are programmed, moving through life blinded in thinking or believing that LOVE comes from outside ourselves.

After being on a spiritual path myself for over 40 years, it was during a near death experience (NDE) 20 years ago, where I learned the deeper essence love in terms of energy. My experience is one of the most difficult things for me to articulate considering the vastness of the concept but here goes.

In the short version of my NDE, I was given a guided tour of the ALL. I found myself standing in front of a massive corridor with doors on either side all the way into infinity. My spirit guide explained that I could enter any door but could not stay. Floating through a golden door to my right, into what felt like a moving kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, I felt the most intense feeling of being loved, accepted, warm and safe. And, somehow, these words just never do the immense experience justice.

Telepathically, I asked the question, “Where am I?” and heard the response, “this is the fabric of all creation. This is LOVE.”

To this day, I admittedly attempt to savor the vastness of that mind-blowing moment with an every expanding awareness of myself -- LOVE! Everything appeared as rapid moving light and energy, within what appeared to be ultra fast-forward movies of a matrix computer processor. Ideas, thoughts and feelings were instantly generated and it was all consuming. All creation is LOVE. Love is literally everything is existence.

WE ARE THE ENERGY of LOVE. It’s not out there. You are already IT! You have come into this life to remember what and who you are—The Energy of Love. Love already exists everywhere, all the time. If you can truly accept that truth that LOVE is ALL, there’s no need to go look for it outside yourself, Right?!

This is where the obscure how to’s’ come into being valuable and it starts with you. Becoming aware of your own energy is a powerful step in accessing a deeper awareness of self, revitalizing and your loving your life.

Personally, after many years of processing and integrating this notion intellectually, it’s the deeper levels of practice and experience that gives one a sense of knowing it. It’s with continual practice and remembering that love within can shine brighter and lighter.

Loving yourself and acknowledging your core essence, connects you with the flow of the Universe and everyone else. Knowing your innate truth is a powerful truth that If you expect to be loved by others, you must first love yourself. It becomes a matter of connecting to it and knowing it where the practice comes into play.

Being Love

First acknowledging that you are already LOVE. Then in releasing everything else that limits your experience of LOVE, you begin to access it and have a deeper resonance with your core being. Your love for self, relationships and passion for living is amplified by releasing the energies of emotional baggage, limitations, fears, doubts, judgment, criticism. Intellectually, it sounds simple right?! However, it’s the hidden energetic blocks in your energy field that are preventing you from attracting, rekindling or being in love. In moments of fear, anxiety or discord, foreign energies invaded your energy space, lowered your vibration and over time diminished, eroded and severed your connection to all-pervasive love energy.

We never learned that the essence of who we are is energy and unknowingly, we pass through life, energetically matching other’s energy around us. We begin matching energy after conception starting with our mother’s energy while in their womb because ‘it’s love’. We don’t have the consciousness to filter out the beliefs, limits or fears so we take that on also. As life continues, we take on more and more energetic patterns that distort and corrupt our own unique vibration. We match the frequency of our family, teachers, spiritual leaders, friends, lovers and spouses and over time these foreign energies act like viruses on a computer. We lose touch with the core essence of ourselves, our beautiful vital essence stops flowing and we suffer, strain and struggle.

Stuck energy creates dys-function, dys-ease and death.

Fears Destroy

Hidden and disguised fear of love and intimacy destroys a relationship before it even begins. Recognizing your inner fears is the first step towards loving yourself. Are you afraid of allowing another person to get close to you? It’s in finding out who you really are, insecurities and all, being honest with yourself, you can begin to see all the wonderful things that make you unique and attractive to others. Knowing and loving your uniqueness attracts other people to you. Living a lie or an illusion only serves to further illusions and deception, destroying everything you have created.

Releasing Energy With Grounding

Since everything is energy, changing your vibration will change what you attract, revitalize and manifest love in your life. Passion begins rising like heat on the desert. If you have ever been light-headed from hunger and then felt a sigh of contentment as you fed your body the perfect meal, you’ve experienced grounding.

If you’ve ever melted into the back rub you got from a trusted person at the end of a stressful day, you’ve experienced being grounded. Grounding is a simple process of connecting to the Earth that many people do naturally throughout the course of a day. Anything that brings you to the sense of pleasure and release is grounding. When you are grounded, you feel centered focused, and present. A grounding cord provides a way to flush out pent up energy and emotion so you can feel good about yourself. It is a way to move energy as it comes towards you, rather than letting it get stuck in the body. When foreign energy gets stuck in the body, it stops the natural flow of energy and might manifest as depression, a migraine headache, aches, pain, or eventually illness.

One of my clients, Kim, once developed a mind-bending migraine headache while at Knott’s Berry Farm with her family. At one point, the migraine got the best of her and she was forced to sit out a ride. She found a quiet spot away from the amusement park mania and sat down and visualized a grounding cord from the base of her spine to the center of the planet. Hooking the imaginary cord to the center of the planet allowed her to start releasing all foreign energy, her body began to relax. Within ten minutes, Kim experienced a tremendous relief as the pain slowly dissipated and was thrilled the technique worked. She was elated to be able to heal herself in a chaotic amusement park and is confident she can take this tool with her any place. Her husband and kids were happy too because their fun didn’t have to stop.

Release Everything That Limits Access to Being Loved

In order to make room for love or anything else you desire, you must release and let go of the things you don’t want. To attract what you want, let go of everything (conscious or unconscious) that keeps you away from Love. Like attracts like.

Unless you want to continue on your current path, you are probably overdue of letting go of emotional pain of a break-up or the need for approval. Maybe you continuously ‘seek recognition’ at work or have ‘unrealistic expectations’ for yourself. Thoughts like, “I’m not attractive” or “I will never have a loving relationship” need to be purged. You will begin to attract what you desire as you let go of doubts, negative self-talk, apathy and rejection. All activities, including conversations can be cleared from your space daily to give you more room for joyful expression.

Life seems to just flow more easily and the body uses less energy when it is grounded. Grounding allows us to overcome resistance and connect with the physical body. Our lives are busy from dawn to dusk and are sensory overloaded. When grounded, you will get things on your To-Do List accomplished with less time, more effectively. As you flush out the stresses of the day, or tension from the workweek, you have more energy to create that lovin’ feelin’.

Do you know anyone unfocused, forgetful, overwhelmed, or heavily invested in controlling everything around them? They may forget conversations, over commit themselves others, waste endless time searching for keys, or miss their freeway exit. Ungrounded people are in pain -- emotional, mental, or physical. When you use your grounding cord to release pain, old beliefs, programs, discomfort, resentment, expectations you will begin to notice how easily you attract without effort.

Naturally Grounded Persons Are Naturally Attractive

On the other hand, naturally grounded people are generally pleasant, centered, and focused. It feels safe to be around them. They solve problems easily and life appears to flow effortlessly for them. Their communications are clear, they recall details easily, and are organized. Grounded people are more attractive.

Can you see yourself walking up to someone new smiling and radiating confidence? Create a new ritual for yourself. Start your day with a grounding cord. When you jump into the shower or brush your teeth create a new grounding cord for the new day. A perfect time to remind yourself to release is while you are in the restroom. Be amused with your release!

Grounding works much like a drain or waterfall. Be patient with yourself and have fun with your new Quantum Energy Tool. With practice, grounding will become as natural as breathing or smiling. Consider releasing other people’s problems, your worries and anxiety that are weighing you down... Keep it simple and stay amused with yourself. Tune into being in harmony with this process of grounding and letting everything go effortlessly.

Notice if you have your grounding cord attached while standing in line at Starbucks, eating dinner or while at work. Ground yourself driving or playing sports. This will increase your focus and maybe even your game.

Try grounding others too such as crying children, barking dogs or angry clients. With some focus, you will be amazed at how they shift and get calm.

Your grounding cord can follow you wherever you go, whatever you do. Just imagine yourself connected to the earth, preventing foreign energy from sticking to your space.

To revitalize and refresh your body, mind and spirit take the first step by letting go of unconscious energies and programming with grounding. It is always the first step to all the subsequent steps I teach in my work. From the base of your spine, make a connection to the healing planet energy to release excess energy and stabilize your body. Practice the following grounding meditation 10-15 minutes each day. You can always practice more. The more you practice to better your results. Don’t create any limits for yourself on how much you can release without effort.

Grounding Practice

  • Close eyes but stay focused.
  • Be aware of own body with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Create a mental image of line of energy between base of spine and the center of the planet.
  • Connect a grounding cord into the center of earth.
  • Secure the grounding cord snuggly at the base of your spine.
  • Notice your breathing.
  • Using the gravitational pull of the planet start to release foreign or stuck energy from your body and aura.

Notice how your body feels while grounding. Imagine seeing stuck energy draining out of you. Practice grounding throughout your day while doing errands, during meditation or even prayer and don’t under estimate this simple yet powerful Quantum Energy Tool to revitalize love in your life. © Amirah Hall 2017

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